Password generator

How passwords are generated?

This tool generates passwords from character sets. The symbols are randomly shuffled to make you unique passwords. You can easily change character sets by selecting character sets.

Characters we are using:

  • lower case consonants (required)
  • lower case vowels (required)
  • upper case consonants
  • upper case vowels
  • numbers
  • symbols as “@#$%”

How to create strong memorable password

  • You should use different passwords for different services.
  • Passwords should not include information about you.
  • Never give anyone your password over the phone or email.

You could think of you favorite song lyrics or quote and use first letter of each word. For example: Don't let yesterday to take up much of today. Your password in this case would be dlyttumot. Why this password is stronger than the simple words? There are about 60 000 words in english dictionary. So if your password is one of them it is quite easy to guess them. You could also use some capital letters or special characters - dly2tuMoT. This makes it very strong password.

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